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You may have heard of a church fundraising tactic known as “flocking.”

 It involves large numbers of plastic pink flamingos.

You can pay to have someone’s yard covered with a flock

of flamingos when they least expect it, or you can buy

“insurance” to keep your own yard from being “flocked”

when word gets out that you’re on the hit list. It’s a fun a

nd good-humored way to raise money and build fellowship among church members.

I’ve been “flocked” in a way since coming to Mt. Hermon. Instead of pink flamingos, though, I’ve been flocked with sheep. The flock of sheep I came to care for has instead covered me with care in these first few weeks of my time here.

Even though I came in with a “condition,” you have loved me unconditionally in spite of it. Unlike the flamingo project, there was no purchase necessary for the flocking. I can’t thank you enough for the outpouring of prayers and words of encouragement, the flowers, the cards, the homegrown and homemade goodies, the help at the parsonage, and the help with things at church.

Like the flamingo project, the flocking has certainly helped build fellowship between us, and it has shown me what a healthy flock you are. In spite of my being temporarily unavailable for pastoral care, you did a tremendous job of caring for each other during a trying run of several illnesses and deaths.

No wonder folks said, “You’re going to love Mt. Hermon!” It’s obviously a place where Jesus is present.

I give thanks to God for the gifts of love and compassion that he has poured into you and to each of you for sharing those gifts in material and spiritual ways. I look forward to healthy days ahead for all of us as we turn our focus toward our community and the dreams God has given us for its flourishing in body, mind, and spirit.

In Christ,

Pastor Jane

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