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   On January 4 the Discernment Committee, Capital Campaign Committee, and the Building Committee met to discuss the next steps involved in building the Family Life Center.  After much discussion, the group felt that we should ask the Building Committee to investigate some creative options that would allow us to meet the most pressing facility needs of the church (e.g. a kitchen and large event space) while not ruling out the possibility of someday realizing our “dream version” of the facility.  Some of the ideas they will investigate include the following:  a detached building that can be connected to the church with covered walkways, metal buildings that could receive a brick veneer at a later date, and re-purposing existing space.  Financially, we have received 60,000 dollars and have letters of intent totally 85,000 dollars to come in over the next 3 years.  We believe that this amount is a good start toward a creative down sized/Stage 1 kitchen and activity center.


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